IT band Pain

IT band syndrome/pain may be more telling of weakness to hip or ankle musculature and decreasing flexibility. The inability for these muscles to stabilize or smoothly control our foot as it hits the ground forces structures that don’t stretch very well normally (like tendons and fascia (IT band)) to work overtime.  Compensating for these muscle and joint changes produces pain over time. Additionally irritation to the fluid filled sack on the outside of the hip can produce trochanteric bursitis. These repetitive stress injuries create micro-tears to the soft tissue and are typically an indication of muscle imbalance.  The best way to think about repetitive stress/strain injuries is to think of driving a car with malaligned tires.

Sure you can drive the car with this defect, but drive it for a long time this way,  your tires wear unevenly. This problem compounds the issue and  over time, fuel economy, component wear and easy fatigue are the results.

Similarly this occurs with runners. Imbalances to our bodies when performing dynamic activities will have the same affect.  Our ligaments and tendons will strain awkwardly,  forcing us to change our mechanics. Over time you’ll use more energy to run, have poor joint mechanics and get tired much easier.

At Kimbia Physio Running Clinics,
We don’t just attempt to treat or correct the location where your pain is, we go beyond that and look at how you’re specific movements are contributing to your pain. Seek the professional assistance of a Physical Therapist like myself who specializes in running athletes. They can be invaluable in your quest to staying healthy and running strong.
Be well.