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Upper Body Injuries and Surgeries

Shoulder Joint Health and Strength

End your pain so you can remain active and free to do the things YOU enjoy, without painkillers and multiple doctors.

Washingtonian Magazine named Dr. Hiza R. Mbwana one of the Top Physical Therapists in the D.C. Metro area

“Staying in the Game – 75 Experts Who Can Help You Stay Healthy”  January 2010

Everything we do, we believe in challenging how Physical Therapy is delivered. We believe in thinking differently.  The way we challenge how Physical Therapy is delivered is by promoting self reliance, transforming our patients’ fear and tragedy into confidence and positive optimism. We celebrate mobility and convey independence.  We do this by providing medical treatment & the tools to improving their overall quality of life.  Patients get well. Schedule your initial visit today.

Direct Physical Therapy

You do not need a physicians referral for physical therapy in the state of Maryland. You may come see us directly. We are skilled medical providers who identify, diagnose and treat muscle and joint pain due to injuries or chronic pain.

We believe reducing the need for multiple weekly visits is important. We reduce the need for multiple weekly visits by incorporating evidence-based & appropriate therapeutic exercise dosage and neuromuscular re-education to assist you towards your goals of pain free mobility. Through medical treatment sessions that empower you to take ownership of your care,  you will be able to incorporate techniques learned into your daily life and activities. Video assisted documentation is optional examinations and all home exercises are videos and available even on your mobile device or tablets.  We believe this has resulted in fewer missed days of work/play and faster recovery.  Our knowledge, coupled with the accompanying reduction in the chance of re-occurrence, will increase your well-being and improve your quality of life.

Training for Athletes

We believe the focus of personal training is on getting you moving well, feeling fit and strong while also providing information about the underlying causes of your injury. We firmly believe that to get you moving well and feeling fit, we need to provide you continued progression of exercises and flexibility with performance coaching. We do this either physical visits or remote coaching. We assess and assist you improve your form, condition and performance. Whether you are new or an experienced athlete, starting a fitness regimen, involved in team sports or training for an event, this should be the foundation of athletic training at any age or skill level.  Schedule your visit today.


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