End Your Joint Pain With These Simple Tips

End your pain so you can remain active and free to do the things YOU enjoy, without painkillers and multiple doctors.

The body is a complex organism and options to resolve joint pain can seem just as challenging.  It’s important to note that most injuries resolve on their own, without any professional intervention. Try these effective ways I have found helpful in treating common injuries. Share them with your family and friends when you discover the benefits.

Hip Pain: Getting hip muscles to relax and allowing yourself to get used to weight-bearing exercises is a great way to reduce your pain and increase mobility.

kimbia physio hip pain relief 1 Hiza R. Mbwana, DPT kimbia physio hip pain relief 2 Hiza R. Mbwana, DPTkimbia physio hip pain relief 3 Hiza R. Mbwana, DPT


Back Pain: Incorporating walking can be just as beneficial at treating low back pain and these exercises allow your back muscles and joints to move with less fear of pain.























Shoulder Pain: limited mobility can be associated with increased pain to shoulders.  Achieve more shoulder mobility and your painful shoulders may resolve on its own.

Wall or Door Shoulder & Low Back Stretch Posterior Capsule Shoulder Stretch

Posterio Inferior Glenohumeral Ligament Stretch
Posterio Inferior Glenohumeral Ligament Stretch