“The Offseason”


Welcome to “The Offseason.” A blog post from the perspective of a Physical Therapist.
The purpose of this blog is to create an opportunity to educate athletes and active individuals on various topics. Topics ranging from recovery following an injury, ways to reduce risk of injury, general strength and conditioning questions and improving overall fitness & performance will be discussed.

Responses to various questions will be based on my clinical experience backed by evidence-based, empirical research and data. Questions outside my scope of practice will be answered, but by experts in that respective field. I don’t know it all! YET
Restoring functional mobility, improving musculoskeletal imbalances & injuries has been a primary focus. Kimbia Physio’s mission is; for all patients and clients to achieve “progress, not perfection” through exercise and Physical Therapy!

While the majority of patients and clients I treat are running athletes, I also treat a growing number of “weekend” warriors, sedentary workers with movement dysfunctions & postpartum athletes looking for ways to return to dynamic exercises without injury and progress to their next phase.
As a clinician, a large portion of time is spent educating folks how to move, and discovering why some of the movement patterns they exhibit are the source of their aches and pains and how to improve their condition.

But with “The Offseason,” I want to give my patients and clients, the opportunity to ask me specific questions they have about injuries, managing injuries, improving weakened areas etc.
It’s the intention of these posts to not only help the person posting the question, additionally-it may help someone else reading the post.
I look forward to sharing your questions and answers.

Be well!