The Offseason with Kimbia Physio – Improve Performance With Landmine Squat Part 2

Minimize risk of injury and improve performance is my primary objective with any athlete who receives performance PT or coaching. Identifying the various ways an athlete compensates to accomplish a movement reveals areas of weakness, tightness, or restrictions that may affect performance. Often ignored during a season, the off season is an ideal time to take the opportunity to identify these areas and address them.


How well you stabilize one extremity while another segment is moving is one of the most challenging aspects related to performance.Regardless of your sport or activity, it can influence performance, affect energy conservation, technique, endurance, form and for some, may increase injury rates. Why do I think improving segmental stability is so important?

Kimbia Physio Hiza Mbwana Landmine Squat (isolated) + Shoulder Press


Stabilization with movement requires good mobility of the joint(s) in motion. Additionally, having good muscle balance and strength allows harmonious muscle function in order to complete the motions. In addition to a great strength and conditioning routine, Landmine Squat variations can be a great screening and assessment tool for the athlete or practitioner. Its multiple applications provides quick evaluation of coordination of a swimmers shoulders and core strength, cyclists pelvis & scapula stability and runners hip & abdominal/para spinal strength.

Kimbia Physio Dr Hiza Mbwana Landmine Squat (isolated) + Single Shoulder Press

I also use the findings to illustrate to athletes areas of neglect in their training program. I have found it also beneficial for athletes returning to power-lifting and other dynamic sports. Below are the variations and progressions I utilize. Substitute the weighted bar with a PVC pipe to fine tune mechanics. Find the videos that accompany these pictures here!


Kimbia Physio Dr. Hiza Mbwana Landmine Squat + Shoulder Press (isolated)

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