Hear from our valued clients…


Athletes owe it to themselves to connect with Dr. Mbwana.  The long term costs of performance can be greatly  negated by an effective approach to pain management and avoidance.  Dr. Mbwana communicates limitations in mobility and movement such that anyone can understand what he is saying despite his speaking from a highly educated level.  He also gives effective exercises that can be added to any fitness routine before and/or after regular training to increase athletic longevity and reduce the long term damaged of athletic training.  What impresses me most, however, is how available he is to help.  I often connect with him through text just to ask questions, and he always gets back to me quickly with his advice. As of yet, I’ve avoided major injury in the the sport of weightlifting, and I owe much of that to learning from Dr. Mbwana.

-Shawn J. Arnold, personal trainer and weightlifter


I have been a patient of Hiza Mbwana during the last two years for post-surgical (hip implant) and other orthopedic problems (knee and lower back). Hiza has excellent patient-therapist skills. He evaluated my orthopedic problems and tailored plans ofcare to address the specific physical needs, as well factoring in my pain and level of distress. Hiza also would try new approaches and exercises in response to my feedback of progress between therapy sessions. In addition, Hiza was accessible if I had any questions outside of therapy sessions. On several occasion I emailed or called Hiza regarding the home exercise plans and received prompt and thorough responses. In sum, Hiza Mbwana is an highly trained and excellent physical therapist who develops a good patient-therapist relationship which facilitates successful results.


Rockville, MD


I shadowed Dr. Hiza Mbwana over a two and a half month period to get a better idea of what a future profession in physical therapy would be like. During my time with Dr. Mbwana I witnessed a true professional in the field of physical therapy. His knowledge of physical therapy and rehabilitation is extensive, and his mentoring and educational skills were clearly helpful to his patients as well as myself. Working and learning from him was a pleasure as I saw patients progress in their recovery every day with Dr. Mbwana’s therapy. He mentored me, and helped me push myself in my studies. One of the most important pieces of advice he gave to me was to treat patients as friends, something I consistently saw at his practice. I highly recommend Dr. Mbwana to anyone seeking physical therapy or rehabilitation because he genuinely wants to see his patients recover so that they can live unaffected by past injuries.

-Andrew V.H – Kinesiology student at University of Maryland College Park


Hiza Mbwana displayed paramount professional care during my sessions with him to repair a shoulder and neck injury. Hiza received me with a big smile at every session, and displayed a confidence that helped me feel assured in his therapy methods. He is extremely well versed in his craft, and always made sure to explain each step in the process so that I could understand not only why each treatment was chosen, but also how it would help me be stronger in the long run. His incredible attention to detail certainly resulted in a highly satisfactory recovery process to full strength. Hiza always made himself available for questions, both during and after working hours. He was thorough at all times and extremely flexible with scheduling issues. He is serious about his work, and is public about his desire to continue learning and expand his repertoire. It is clear that Hiza loves what he does and cares about his relationship with his patients. He provides a balanced strategy that challenges his patients, but also makes sure that they are comfortable in order to tend to a variety of physical capabilities and age groups. He is empathetic and caring, and I had a wonderful experience during my therapy sessions. Hiza is highly capable and I strongly recommend his services.

O. G


“Dr. Mbwana has been truly helpful in resolving sport injuries and preparing me for pre- and post-tournaments. Particularly, his strengthening and injury prevention physical therapy has been working well when I compete in multiple events consecutively. He is quite knowledgeable about the musculoskeletal system and clinical implications from repetitive use. Dr. Mbwana is excellent in educating and working with patients.”

C. McNamara

Captain, team “Rocking Geriatrics”, Rockville Fencing Academy


“Having enjoyed sports and strength training all of my life, I started experiencing shoulder pain which was severely limiting my upper body workouts. The condition was getting worse and I was giving up hope of being able to maintain one of my enjoyments in life, including playing with my kids. Following the diagnosis of a shoulder impingement, I underwent a series of Physical Therapy sessions and had the good fortune to meet Hiza Mbwana. If you are not willing to work (at least to the best of your ability) in PT sessions you can expect your progress to match your effort, however if PT can be “fun”, Hiza makes it so and will encourage you. I personally enjoyed learning the physiological details of why I was experiencing pain and how the specific exercises were helping to rectify the problem. You don’t have to ask questions, but Hiza is evidently a real expert in his field and is glad to explain what is going on. He also provided me with useful materials and information even outside of sessions by email. Make sure you stay the course and don’t give up. I started to experience real signs of relief about half way through the sessions by following advice. I am now pain-free and I have incorporated many of the exercises I learned (some targeting neglected muscle areas I didn’t know I had) into my regular workouts. I can gladly recommend Hiza to assist you in getting your life back on track.”

J. Cook,

Glenelg, Maryland


“Both my husband and I have had extensive physical therapy with Dr. Hiza Mbwana and fully and without reservation recommend anyone needing physical therapy use Hiza. My husband’s problems centered around his hips and back and Hiza was able to provided him relief from his pain and to strengthen him in preparation for his hip replacement surgery. He has now had the surgery and his speedy recovery is in no small way related to the therapy that Hiza provided. As for myself, I had surgery on my foot. Hiza pushed me towards a speedy and full recovery from my surgery. Hiza is both pleasant and caring. We wholeheartedly recommend Hiza for anyone requiring physical therapy.”

Linda and Sam S.


“As a runner who took a hiatus from running, relearning the importance of proper form, pacing and runners specific exercises were areas in which KimbiaPhysio was instrumental to me. Dr. Hiza Mbwana was very knowledgeable, approachable, and full of resources runners can benefit from. I am humbled by their services as I continue to learn and grow as a runner.”

Will E.


“Dr. Hiza Mbwana is a fantastic physical therapist! He is extremely knowledgeable in his area of expertise and it is always a pleasure to work with him. He explains the exercises very well and is quick to respond to emails with questions I have when I am doing the exercises at home. Hiza’s choices of exercises for me have targeted my specific problem areas and have made a big difference in my quality of life. I am grateful to have him as my physical therapist!”

A. M


Dr Hiza Mbwana and I have worked together for the last few years for different sports injuries that I have sustained. He is knowledgeable, friendly, highly skilled and has encouraged me to work beyond my limits. Through each injury, Hiza helped me understand his physical therapy methods by explaining the anatomy of the body part in the area I was hurting. He has given me the confidence I needed to continue my exercise programs at home. I have experienced tremendous improvements to all of my sports related injuries, thanks to the work and skill of Hiza. I would strongly recommend Hiza to friends and family and I would definitely return to him should I need physical therapy in the future.

~Michele M.


I have problems with my hips, back, and ankle. Because I have multiple injuries, exercises designed to strengthen one part of my body often cause pain in another area. Dr. Hiza Mbwana was very good at modifying exercises so that I could do them without pain. Hiza also took a more holistic approach than my previous physical therapists. In addition to providing me with strengthening exercises and stretches, he also taught me how to walk, sit, and stand in ways that place less stress on my joints.




“I met Hiza last fall (2012) after seeing 2 other physiotherapists, a personal trainer, and a Pilates instructor for back pain related to a herniated disc. I began experiencing improvement in my symptoms after only a few sessions with him. Since then, I have been working with him on a regular basis not only for my back issues but also for improvement in posture, strengthening core and balance, and better physical fitness. As somebody who works in the health care field, I find Hiza’s evaluation to be thorough and accurate. He is an excellent physiotherapist who listens to my concerns and always adjusts my exercises based on my needs. He knows when to push me but is also aware of my fatigue threshold, which is important in not worsening my back problems. Today, I am in better shape, experiencing less back discomfort, able to get on the floor and play with my 2 little boys, and be at work without taking ibuprofen. Thank you, Hiza!”

R. R