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Should I Be Stretching?

(C) KimbiaPhysio LLC Admittedly when I was in my 20’s, it never occurred to me to stretch after running, so I did it only when something felt “tight” or “sore” because let’s face it, you’re invincible when you’re in your 20’s, right? It wasn’t until I started treating and training endurance athletes full time, that

IT band Pain

IT band syndrome/pain may be more telling of weakness to hip or ankle musculature and decreasing flexibility. The inability for these muscles to stabilize or smoothly control our foot as it hits the ground forces structures that don’t stretch very well normally (like tendons and fascia (IT band)) to work overtime.  Compensating for these muscle

Why do I have foot pain after I run?

In Rockville and Gaithersburg Maryland, running is becoming increasingly popular.  With the increase in popularity, injury rates have increased as well. Physical Therapists trained to evaluate and treat these complex injuries are often needed to address the many types of injuries.  One of the most common injury is foot pain, often call plantar fasciitis, but there