Why does my shoulder hurt?

What Is Shoulder Impingement?

Physical therapy can be one of the most beneficial interventions for the diagnosis and treatment of shoulder injuries.  In this post, I’ll discuss 2 common causes of shoulder pain leading to impingement and how physical therapy can help.

Shoulder impingement describes conditions of the shoulder joint in which:
1.    The muscles or tendons in and around the shoulder (usually supraspinatus muscle) get “pinched” during normal movements of the shoulder.  The compression coupled with overhead movement reduces the space available for the tendon of the supraspinatus, causing a fraying of the tendon and nearby structures causing inflammation or irritation of the shoulder. Manual techniques performed by a physical therapist can improve the flexibility of tight muscles and joint capsule and relieve a lot of your pain.

2.   There is instability to the ball and socket of the shoulder joint either because of weakness to the rotator cuff muscles or injury. This type of impingement is aggravated during overhead activities like tennis, baseball or volleyball because the muscles are unable to stabilize the shoulder joint as it performs these activities.  A thorough evaluation and a exercise program targeting the rotator cuff and deltoid muscles can speed up recovery and get you back to your active lifestyle.

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