Rehab After A Bike Wreck

After a grueling season competing, the last thing a professional cyclist needs to worry about is a wreck.  Especially just before a major race weekend.  Short turn-around rehabilitation and return to the saddle if possible, is all the good news they need. Working with elite rider and coach, David Guttenplan you begin to understand just how determined and focused they are when it comes to performance.  Staying healthy is top priority for

Kinesio Tape post rehab @kimbiaphysio. (c) Kimbia Physio LLC
Kinesio Tape post rehab @kimbiaphysio. (c) Kimbia Physio LLC

athletes and Physical Therapy can play a role in their recovery throughout the season. 1 week following a crash and knee injury, physical therapy treatment and home exercise program allowed David to compete in both the Reading 120 and Bucks County Classic and winning best amateur classification. You have earned every bit of the rest and vacation, stay healthy and thank you for allowing Kimbia Physio to be part of your care and playing a role in getting you to the finish line. Cheers

Post treatment with @davidguttenplancoaching (c) Kimbia Physio 2015
Post treatment with David (c) Kimbia Physio 2015