Express Workout for Endurance Athletes

Just over a year ago, I started Kimbia Physio. I have been  overwhelmed by the response from the MoCo (Montgomery County) Maryland community of athletes and active individuals and the strong support from friends and colleagues. Embracing my treatment approach, concept and philosophy they have challenged me to be a better clinician and discover alternative methods of fitness and treatments that don’t always fit “traditional” physical therapy.
Juggling between treating patients, training for various races and attempting to have a social life, there are days that the thought of spending 1-2 hours working out, be it at the gym or that long run I’ve put on the back burner seems too much for my brain to handle.
Talking to colleagues and fellow endurance athletes I was surprised to learn that I wasn’t the only one that felt the heavy burden of missing a work-out day. There had to be a way to achieve a solid workout less than 30 minutes that would target my entire body. I set my sights on figuring out the best way to target multiple muscle groups in a short period of time. Friends, family members, and patients were all fair game as willing participants.
What came out of this intensive investigation was a comprehensive exercise routine that targets your upper and lower body but in such a way that while you’re stressing the muscles of your upper extremity, your lower extremity is recovering and the process repeats itself. It also targets areas of weakness commonly seen in endurance athletes such as the gluteus, hamstring and hip joint stabilizers.
The routine is comprised of 4 exercises, lunge, bent over rows, single leg Romanian dead lift and push-up (in that order).  Performed in a circuit, each exercise is repeated 8-12 times with 1 minute rest between exercises. Technique and good mechanics are paramount so, perform these slowly, counting 3 seconds to lower and 3 seconds to return to starting position. The routine should take approximately 15-20 minutes and leave you “worked.” You can find the video on my Youtube link, Express Workout for Endurance Athletes.  Enjoy!

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Hiza Mbwana PT