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At Kimbia Physo, we solve your pain through physical therapy, education and performance and skill development. We believe strongly and advocate close monitoring of dynamic activities during all phases of recovery and it is our intent to rehabilitate and educate you to return to dynamic activities at your previous level of performance, pain free and healthier.

We are proud of our new relationship with Red Zone Fitness, in the Kentlands. A private fitness studio designed specifically to offer our patients and clients a unique rehabilitation experience, specific to their needs.

Physical Therapy, private and group personal fitness consultations provide a seamless integration of rehabilitation and fitness goals. Ideal for patients looking to gain more confidence prior to full return to activities and sports. Please visit Red Zone Fitness for information specific to fitness consultations.

Ideal for patients and clients recovering and looking for fast, effective solutions to relieve pain and mobility issues due to injuries or for specific performance coaching.

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228 Main Street, Gaithersburg, MD


** Monday-Friday** and *Weekend Times Available By Appointment Only

(*Additional Fee)